Have a Super Idea for a painting..?

 Commission Shad to create an original painting of your favorite hero or movie, comic, whatever the life form, it’s up to you!
All commissioned paintings are one of a kind an designed and painted by Shad. Paintings can also be personalized with your own photos. Vintage collaged backgrounds are available depending on subject.
Commissioned painting prices are determined by content design, size and time needed. Contact Shad below with your idea and you will be emailed a price sheet of different sizes, as well as payment options and a timeline for your painting.

Here are some previously commissioned paintings and testimonials from a few Super clients…

-“Our work with Shad Nowicki started as a commissioned Superman piece as a Birthday gift and celebration for our new real estate office. Shad was so helpful during this process and was able to collect our ideas and produced a painting that exceeded our expectations! He was able to blend our company branding into the painting perfectly.

We have since commissioned two large paintings for our office. Wonder Woman and Batman & Robin paintings are amazing! He was able to incorporate our company branding so well. These paintings are front and center in our office and we receive compliments all the time!

We are thrilled with the quality of his work and have commissioned several other pieces and have purchased others as well.”

Michael Griffith, broker owner

Karina Prokopchuk , director of operations

Colwell Banker Burnhill Realty


-“Two years ago I had commissioned Shad for a Nick Nolte mugshot painting. My decision to trust in Shad through the entire process paid off. The commission process couldn’t have been any easier. Shad gave me a number, I agreed, he did his magic and I paid him in full on pickup ! My painting is nothing less than awesome and still a conversation piece to this day!

Dan M.    Olean NY


-“I have purchased four paintings from Shad. Two of them were commissions. The process couldn’t be easier! Just fill out the form on his website and tell him what you’re interested in. He does the rest and the results were exactly what I was looking for. I wish I had more wall space so I could order another!”

Tony R.    Cheektowaga NY


“I would like to thank you Shad for all your hard work on the Tiggy painting which is being donated by After Anarchy for Tattooing for Autism Commissioning you to create such a beautiful piece of SOA art was a wonderful creative experience, Your work is amazing and I would highly recommend anyone and us again to commission you for future projects. “.

Vicky S.    Toronto Ont.


The Walking Dead 16x20 Acrylic and collage on canvassoasignedTig 16 x20 Acrylic and collage on canvas (commissioned painting) Robin 10 x20 Acrylic and collage on canvas20160115_203001 Poker League 24x36 Acrylic on canvas (SOLD)cbanker& Boom 16x20 Acrylic and collage on canvas (SOLD) Flash 16x20 Acrylic and collage on canvas (SOLD)Jayne Cobb 11x14 Arylic on canvas (SOLD)20150611_160511-1-1Vader (SOLD)IMG_20150528_234610_822-1Bobba Fett (SOLD)Save The Clocktower 11x14 Acrylic and collage on canvas (SOLD)    Spidey (SOLD)Young Frankenstein 11x14 Acrylic and collage on canvas (SOLD)   Rocket & Groot 11x14 Acrylic on canvasAudrey Vader 16x20 Acrylic and collage on canvas (SOLD)Dynamic Duo 24x36 Acrylic and collage on canvas (SOLD)Nolte 24x36 Acrylic and collage on canvas (SOLD)Top Gun 12x16 11x14 Acrylic and collage on canvas (SOLD)The Duke 24x36 Acrylic on canvas (SOLD)commish3 (2)commish1 (2)a1acommish2 (2)commish8Gwar 12x16 Acrylic and collage on canvas SOLDThe Batman 11x14 Acrylic and collage on canvas SOLDFrozen 11x14 Acrylic and collage on canvas SOLDSpiderman 11x14 Acrylic and collage on canvas




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