Action! Filming for the film “Chasing Zombies”

Filming Chasing Zombies

Filming Chasing Zombies

Signing my life away..Ready to film Chasing Zombies!

My buddy Jack loves the make -up..

Director Mike Ancas with the painted Movie Poster

“Chasing Zombies” Movie Poster by yours truly

Michael “Boogaloo Shrimp” Chambers with his “Turbo” Portrait

Wil Wheaton stopped by!

The excellent Anthony Michael Hall !

Danny Trejo was a big fan!

The wonderful Beverly D’Angelo with her new portrait at Steel City Con

Brian Tochi with his “Takashi ” portrait. I’ll drink to that!

Andrew Cassese with his “Wormser” Portrait!

The Legendary Reb Brown !

The wonderful Dee Wallace and her new Cujo Painting!

Mr. Robert Carradine and his new “Lewis” Paintinting !

Mr. Curtis Armstrong and his new “Booger” Painting!

Mr. Don Gibb signing “Ogre” Limited Prints !

Marky Ramone gifting me his awesome art

With the Excellent Sean Patrick Flannery

Visiting with the talented Deb Foreman

Catching up with pal Tony Todd

Nickel City Con 2019

Mr. Christopher McDonald and his Portrait!


Mr. William Sanderson and his E.B. Farnum portrait.

Mr. CoreyGlover from Living Colour stopped by.

Long days are better with these excellent guys!

Mr. Butch Patrick and his Eddie Munster portrait!

Robin Lord Taylor and his new Penguin painting

My pal, the Incredible Lou Ferrigno!

The ever Rad Lori Petty aka Tank Girl stopped by .

Visting withe the Legendary Richard Dreyfuss

Two of my favorite guys, Walt and Mike!

KEVIN and his new painting

Jeff Jensen Band Cover Art

Legendary Artist Jeff Quigley and his New “bratzis” Painting!

Comic Trips reunion!!

The Geekiverse guys know how to dress!

Mr. Lou Ferrigno with his portrait

I think Mr. Rooker liked it…

Mr. Rooker and his new portrait!

The talented and beautiful Erin Gray ! Out of this world!

Mr.Steve Guttenberg with his new “Mahoney” painting.

Mr. Sam J. Jones stopped by ! FLASH!!

Mr. Lou Ferrigno with his new Hulk painting.

My pals from Nightmare on Elm Street 3

The talented and one of my favorite guys, Christopher McDonald stopped by.

President Jim swearing in

SOA signing

SOA signing

Podding with Jim’s BBQ

The talented Mark Dodson

Mike and Ming and some new paintings!

Shad with Paul from YouTubes Comic Trips

The Comic Book Men visiting and picking up some new art!

Birthday visit from legend Neal Adams

The Marvelous Michael Zeck

The Epic Chris51

Album art for Jeff Jensen

The Comic Book Men and their new painting

Niagara Falls Comic Con

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